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                        Traci McCarty & Associates - Suggested Resume Format

YOUR RESUME is a personal statement of your professional strengths, measured accomplishments, work experience, education, as well as your career direction for the future.

To be effective, your resume should highlight your relevant qualifications and accomplishments as they relate to the employer's current needs.

I am sure you have read a lot of articles on resume writing and you may have even had a professional re-write your resume.

Everyone has their own opinions... and they are probably right, however.... after 25 years of writing resumes for OUR industry... we feel we have a good layout that is clear, concise and effective.


Here are 7 steps for your resume:

1.  OBJECTIVE - Start with a clear objective tailored to the specific job for which you are applying.


To secure a Senior level Food and Beverage position where I am able to utilize my skills in back-of-the-house and front-of-the-house operations, menu design, purchasing and storage, as well as staff development and delivery of excellent customer service to streamline operations, improve customer loyalty, and increase revenue for owners.

2.  QUALIFICATIONS - List your qualifications - Why should the employer hire you? How are you qualified for the job?

  • Your first sentence should clearly state your number of year of experience in the position you are applying for. 
  • Start your next sentences with... Experienced... Excellent…. Skilled… Created…… Built…. Accomplished……Drove revenue… Improved profit margins… Reduced turnover...
  • Quantify your experience; whenever possible, citing figures that demonstrate progress due directly to your work
  • Select high points of your career with measured results using numbers, percentages, dollars, increased by, and decreased by facts
  • List technical and software skills and experiences
  • State management, communications and leadership styles
  • List your software experience.


  • 28 years of financial, analytical and operations experience in the casino/resort environment.
  • 10 years experience as CFO for Indian Gaming and Corporate gaming and resorts.
  • Experienced in opening new casino projects and setting up financial accounting systems, policies and procedures.
  • Operating budget oversight of $45M
  • Extensive experience working with Federal, State and local regulatory agencies and multiple external audit firms resulting with recent audit in full compliance.
  • Experience with financial reporting in both GASB and SEC formats.
  • Proven leader in building teams and achieving organizational goals.
  • Excellent communicator and mentor.
  • Software experience: MS Office, Excel, Power Point, MAS, Peoplesoft, IGT, MICROS and.....
3.  EXPERIENCE - List in chronological order with most recent first. List accomplishments for each position in bullet points for each position.
  • You may want to list no more than 10 years, unless relevant to the position
  • List Company Name - City, State and Dates of employment on the first line
  • List your title/position on the second line
  • Write information on the company including size and scope of business on the 3rd to 5th lines
  • List bullet points for responsibilities, people supervised and reporting structure; rather than just describing duties. 
  • List measurable accomplishments and results such as; percentages of increases, decreases, budgets and quantitative responsibilities.
  • PLEASE DO NOT copy paste job descriptions!
ABC COMPANY - City, ST                                                                     2008 - Present
Three gaming and resort operations with accumulative 1,000 slots, 50 tables, 400 hotel rooms, 9 restaurants, 1 entertainment venue and 1,000 employees
  • Created a mix of marketing products that repositioned casino as the industry leader in the region in technology, social media, increased ROI %, promotional excitement, customer awareness and customer service ratings.
  • Restructured marketing division saving company $5.2M the first year in advertising costs
  • Spearheaded redesign of Player’s Club based on new player tracking system to increase customer loyalty – increased tracked play 25% in first 3 months of roll-out.
  • Directed total re-branding of property to enhance marketing efforts and image in the region
  • Revamped media buys to align with new goals of target marketing
  • Re-branded and designed  media elements resulting in new commercials, radio/print ads, and all collateral.

4.  EDUCATION and CERTIFICATIONS - List degrees, certifications and professional courses.


  • B.S. Business Administration - University of Nevada, Reno - Major: Gaming Management Minor: Economics
  • Gaming Management Programs – University of Nevada, Reno
  • Rapport Leadership International Master Graduate

5.  PROFESSIONAL AND CIVIC - Position, Organization and Term 

  • Board Member - Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce     2005 - Present
  • Member - Albuquerque Airport Authority                            2007 - 2014

6.  PROFESSIONAL LICENSES - We are a heavily regulated industry. Your list of Gaming and other licenses should be included.


  • Gaming License - ABC Tribe, AZ
  • Gaming License - XYZ Nation, WI


  • State your hobbies and interests. This shows some of your personality and values.
  • Please BOLD AND CAPITALIZE  your tribal affiliation, if you are an enrolled Tribal member of a Native American Nation.  



  • Limit your resume to no more than four pages, when possible.
  • Be honest and be accurate - This represents your professional history and accomplishments.
  • Organize employment and education beginning with most recent dates first.
  • List accomplishments in measured terms i.e. .... Increased sales $2.5M last year.
  • Give attention to the attractiveness and clarity of the resume.
  • Proofread it numerous times.
  • Present your qualifications honestly and accurately, as they relate to your experience and the position you are applying for.
  • Remember that the purpose of your resume is to get an interview based your experience and measured accomplishments.


  • ...provide irrelevant information such as travel history, previous pay rates, reasons for leaving jobs, irrelevant awards Or the phrase "References upon request." In most cases you will be required to complete a company application, no matter what position you are applying for and how senior level it is. This is for the protection of the company.
  • ... list references on your resume. Prepare a separate list to be offered at interview time.
  • ... make it a biography of everything you have ever done.
  • ... use introductory phrases such as "My duties included" or "I was responsible for".
  • ... use unusual font types, underlines, italics, shading, graphics, and adjusted spacing. This will prevent your resume from being easily accessed by different computer programs.

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