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When problems flare up, it is very common for people to focus on the symptoms, rather than the problem. We will assist you with locating what the “problem” actually is, and recommend the solution. Even if there are no problems, but you simply want to improve sales and service, we have an exclusive “14 Steps to a Sales & Service Culture” plan to assist you.

With over 35 years of business management experience, Brad has walked the walk and talked the talk, and understands how to be successful in business. Brad has created seven companies from scratch and sold five of them very successfully (he still owns two). Consulting can be billed hourly or by the project.


  • Eliminate office politics
  • Increase employee retention
  • Increase employee performance
  • Increase customer retention
  • Increase sales
  • Increase profits










Brad equips companies with dynamic customer service and leadership essentials. Brad's research shows that it is easy to change people, but
unless the leadership has undergone specialized training on how to manage a service culture, the employees will revert back to their old ways
within 90 days.

Brad Worthley International
12819 SE 38th Street, #375, Bellevue, Washington 98006 - Phone: (425) 957-9696


THE COLOR CODE ® & Train2excel, Inc.

Train2excel specializes in facilitating an accredited training program that is guaranteed to bring the best in your employees. The Color Code program is a proven personality mode

created by renowned psychologist, Dr. Taylor Hartman. Thousands of companies across the nation are using it as an aid in hiring new employees and to develop better internal

customer service standards.

As certified trainers and consultants for The Color Code, Kimberly Malloy can help you discover what motivates you and your employees. While understanding the behavior of 

others can often be puzzling, The Color Code helps put pieces together in order to reduce conflict, increase synergy, save time in your work environment, and stay focused

on the big picture.

The Color Code is an excellent tool for business, professional, and non-profit organizations. This program is also helpful for individuals who desire to improve communication in

their interpersonal relationships.

  • Understand your personality and that of others
  • Improve relationships
  • Relate more effectively with others
  • Improve business performance including sales and customer service.

Train2excel's president, Kimberly Malloy, has been providing customer service, management, and employee development programs to businesses and organizations

for over a decade. Kimberly's enthusiasm for helping businesses and individuals succeed, combined with the gifts of teaching and business knowledge, ensure the

participant's experience will be both educational and enjoyable. She is committed to teaching both companies and individuals how to achieve their goals by maximizing

their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses.

Kimberly graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, a Master of Science in Counseling, and is a licensed, certified Color Code Instructor. She is also a licensed

Marriage and Family Therapy Intern.

Kimberly Malloy at Train2excel, Inc. - 3320 Wynn Road, Suite A - Las Vegas, NV 89102 - Phone 702-247-1006 - Fax: 702-458-1005 - e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


                   Robinson & Associates, Inc. has over 12 years experience serving an extensive selection of clients worldwide within the gaming industry. We help our clients
improve their guest and employee experience, strive consistently to exceed our clients’ expectations and are very proud of the innovative and exciting work we do.
Robinson & Associates, Inc., has helped casinos improve their customer service for more than a decade. Now we are leveraging our casino guest service expertise
and it all revolves around one number. Researchers have found that businesses have an “ultimate number.” This one statistic has the strongest correlation to your
casino’s future of any number. We call this statistic your Advocate Index. If you don't currently know your Advocate Index, you're in the dark when it comes to the
future of your casino.

Knowing your Advocate Index is the very first step in the process. Then comes improvement. We couple the Advocate Index with Best Practices to bring you our
Advocate Development System. By using our world renowned training systems, consulting and technologies, we can help you improve your Advocate Index.
You will have an amazing opportunity to give your guests the incredible experience they demand!


Contact - Martin Baird, CEO

Robinson & Associates, Inc.

Guest Service Excellence

(480) 991-6420



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