Our Mission, Vision & Values  

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28+ Years
 ... of Executive Search Service to Indian Country...
Traci McCarty & Associates’ Commitment to Excellence
Our Mission

Successfully Place the Right People, with the Right Organizations, in the Right Positions at the Right Time
To Provide the best qualified Candidates for our Client’s positions, to further the success of their organizations, while...
Advancing the careers of highly qualified, dedicated and experienced executives that operate with integrity

Our Vision

A Prosperous, Self-Sufficient, Self-Determined, Healthy and Sovereign Native America operating all their business with best business practices
A Native America with wise and ethical leadership protecting and growing Tribal assets for all members ... for now and generations to come
A Native America that provides Jobs, Hope, Education, Health, Pride, Prosperity and a Future for all members
A Native America - strong on Traditional, Spiritual and Cultural values
A Native America that is a good steward to its communities
Traci McCarty & Associates being part of this process

Our Values

Quality and timely customer service
Respect, Empower, and Train others
Develop resources for now and future generations
Always operate with the highest professional Ethics and Integrity
Honest and Wise Consultation with our Clients and our Candidates
Focus, Plan, and Account to “bottom line” to achieve financially successful organizations