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We have been recommending these companies to our clients for 28 years, for building stronger teams and developing quality leadership skills. 

We KNOW they have helped many people in our countless ways...

from Team Development to Professional Individual Well Being.

We speak from personal experience of the successes these companies create in organizations.


The Ken Blanchard Companies 

The Leadership Difference - and author of "Gung Ho" - Turn on the people in any organization - Based on Native American Leadership!!! 

Whether your organization's goal is to build strong leadership skills, create self-empowered employees, or teach employees how to collaborate and communicate effectively, you’ll find workshops to address your individual and organizational needs. 

The Ken Blanchard Companies offers the best results-oriented coaching services in the industry, striving for positive change that can be measured as well as observed. 

Leadership Solutions
Our comprehensive leadership and management training solutions utilize a common language, system, and framework to drive productivity and performance, and create lasting change. 

The Cost of Doing Nothing Calculator™
Designed to help you quantify the costs of neglecting employee turnover, customer satisfaction, and productivity in your organization. 

Blanchard has been awarded a contract under Schedule 874-4 by the General Services Administration (GSA). 

The Ken Blanchard Companies
San Diego, California Headquarters - 125 State Place, Escondido, CA 92029
Phone: 800 728-6000 - Fax: 760 489-8407

Franklin Covey

At Franklin Covey we enable greatness through....


There’s a world of difference between great, memorable leaders and competent managers. But not everyone agrees on what makes a great leader. 

Are they measured by their results, the scope of their responsibilities, their efficiency? 

When all is said and done, leadership greatness is defined by four primary outcomes: 

  1. Sustained superior performance,
  2. Intensely loyal customers,
  3. An winning culture, and
  4. A distinctive contribution—the legacy that lingers long after the leader is gone. 


Franklin Covey’s premier leadership training program, Executive Leadership Summit, draws from the best thinking of global leadership experts like Ram Charan, Jack Welch, Fred Reichheld, Clayton Christensen and others to help executives achieve these four outcomes in their own organizations. It’s an intensive, five-day retreat conducted at the exclusive Lodges in Deer Valley, Utah, nestled in the Wasatch Mountains and minutes from Park City’s historic Main Street, offering executives the solitude, grandeur, and space to reflect deeply on their most pressing leadership challenges.

 For this Leadership and other training and development programs contact...

Franklin Covey Headquarters
2200 West Parkway Blvd
Salt Lake City, UT 84119


Rapport Leadership 

Why Rapport Leadership International works.... 

Even if you’ve done “all that training stuff” before, know that the greatest leaders of all times continued to garner respect and loyalty by continuing to learn.
Now more than ever companies are developing and empowering talented people, allowing new individuals to move to the forefront and lead with vision, passion and purpose. These individuals understand their cultures and use leadership skills to guide their teams and thrive in the business world. Take your learning to a whole new level with Rapport Leadership. 

Rapport Leadership International
5715 Sandhill Road | Las Vegas, NV 89120 | 800.989.0715 | Fax 702.796.8625 | Rapport Empowered Education
Rapport Leadership Canada | 801, 530-8th Avenue, SW | Calgary, AB T2P 3S8 | 403.718.1264