Traci McCarty & Associates Executive Search log

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"Today, more so than ever before,highly skilled and experienced American Indian business leaders are making significant contributions and positive impacts on our global economy."

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Traci McCarty & Associates offers 28 years of Executive Search experience, the successful placement of 2,500+ people for our clients...  and an extensive national network of 49,000+ professionals to provide you with the best executive search results for Native American owned corporations and organizations that are seeking to secure experienced top-level talent and leadership.


  • GAMING & RESORTS - All departments for casino and resort operations
  • NATIVE AMERICAN GOVERNMENTS - Administration, Finance, Housing, Judicial, Environmental, Information Technology, Natural Resources, Police, Fire, EMT, and more.
  • TRIBAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT  - Construction, Manufacturing, Federal Contracting, Agriculture, Retail, and more
  • NATIVE AMERICAN TECHNOLOGY -  Administration and IT Professionals
  • NATIVE AMERICAN HEALTH CARE - Administrative and Medical Professionals
  • NATIVE AMERICAN EDUCATION -  Administrative and Education Professionals
  • INDIVIDUAL AMERICAN INDIAN OWNED BUSINESSES -  Retail, Construction, Manufacturing, Sports, and more
  • REGULATORY AGENCIES -  All areas of operations including Internal Audit, Compliance, Investigations, and more

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Traci McCarty & Associates is committed to the Success in Indian Country and Native American Businesses ….it is our foremost Goal !