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Richard G. McGee, Law Offices

Richard is the author of A Guide to Trial Employment.  This is a "must have" for every Human Resources office in Indian Country.

Mr. McGee is a graduate of the Oklahoma University Law School located in Norman, Oklahoma.

 Richard G. McGee practices law in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mr. McGee’s practice focuses on tribal employment, gaming regulation, and litigation.

Mr. McGee represents parties in numerous tribal, state, and federal courts. As an engaging trainer in the tribal employment arena, Mr. McGee works with tribal governments and enterprises. He is also called upon to serve as hearing officer and investigator of employment-related matters.

Mr. McGee was assistant general counsel for the Prairie Island Indian Community. The Prairie Island Indian Community owns and operates Treasure Island Resort & Casino, which employs more than two thousand workers. Both the Prairie Island Indian Community and Treasure Island Resort & Casino are located in southeast Minnesota.

Before joining the Prairie Island Indian Community, Mr. McGee spent a decade litigating business and employment cases as a lawyer at Arnold, Anderson & Dove in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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