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28 years  Serving 350+ Tribal Nations 

 Indian Casinos & Resorts -  Tribal Economic Development

Tribal Governments - Regulatory - Indian Health Care - Education

Technology - Construction - Manufacturing - Retail  - Energy - Federal Contracting

and American Indian owned businesses 

Large database of Enrolled Native American Professionals

Network of more than 46,000 potential candidates



Chief Executive Officer - 35+ years multi-property gaming, resort and travel plaza experience with corporate and Indian Gaming resorts. Experienced with design-build and openings of major properties. BS degree. Enrolled Tribal Member. 200K1692SB

Chief Executive Officer – 20+ years of senior level experience with Tribal government operations as well as Casino & Resort operations. Enrolled Tribal member. 125K17247SB


Chief Financial Officer, CPA - 4+ years of gaming experience and 6+ years with one of the world’s largest corporations and more than 13+ years in finance, analysis and systems experience. MS degree. Enrolled Tribal Member. 120K29703SB

Director of Finance - 12+ years in the finance discipline with 5+ years with large Native American Casino Resort.  Masters degree. 100K30543SB


VP Marketing, Branding and Player Development – 28+ years of experience in Marketing including database, casino marketing, events, branding, planning and development. 200K14858SB

Director of Marketing - 20+ years experience with 14+ years in Native American casino marketing. She has an exceptional knowledge of marketing, gaming and Native American environments. 110K1753SB


VP of Table Games – 20+ years has focused in the casino industry in table games with 14 of these years in a Native American Casino. Enrolled Tribal Member. 125K31678SB

Slot Director – 15+ years experience in Slot Management positions and 5+ years at the Executive level.  Bi-lingual. 76K1851SB


Executive Chef - 25+ years culinary experience with 12 years Management experience; 5 of these in Native American gaming and 17 years in traditional gaming. 105K30763SB

Director of Food & Beverage – 30+ years of experience in the food and beverage industry with 15 of these years in casino environments including 5 years in a Native American casino.  Associates from the Culinary Institute of America. 80K5925SB


Human Resource Executive - 30+ years of experience with 10 years in Native American organizations. Masters degree in human resource development . Enrolled Tribal Member. 125K373SB


Director of Hotel Operations / Vice President of Hospitality Services – 13+ years of experience in Hotel Operations, including  5+ years in Native American gaming & resorts. 120K31480SB


Tribal Government Executive Manager - 12+ years experience working within Native American businesses and governmental agencies. Masters degree in International Business, BS in Business Management and AS  in Natural Resource Management. Enrolled Tribal Member. 100K29852SB

Chief Financial Officer - 22+ years of experience predominately with tribal governments.  BS in Business and is a licensed CPA. Enrolled Tribal Member. 100K30963SB