Counter Offers and more...

1. If we both have done our jobs correctly... you should NOT accept a counter offer: We take our jobs seriously to protect our Clients and our Candidates. TMA candidates should agree not to take a counter offer. Prior to submitting you for a position and arranging an interview, TMA agrees to share as much about the company, including opportunities and challenges, for you to make a good informed decision.

If TMA arranges for an on site interview, and you are made an offer, and you accept the offer  you should honor your agreement by starting employment as agreed. When you inform your current employer that you are resigning, your current employer may offer you more money and better incentives (a counter offer) not to resign. Accepting a counter offer with your current employer changes your current work relationship. Your employer may question, did you use the job offer to negotiate more money, and will you remain loyal. Your employer may very well replace you on their time frame.

2. Top 10 Reasons NOT to Accept a Counter Offer:
  1. After resigning, you have made your employer aware that you were looking and unhappy. Your loyalty will now be in question
  2. When promotion/raise time comes around, your employer will remember who is loyal and who is not.
  3. When making difficult decisions about cut-backs, the company may begin with those that are deemed less loyal.
  4. Accepting a Counter-Offer is an insult to your intelligence and a blow to your personal pride, to simply be bought at the last minute.
  5. Where was the extra money for a counter-offer during your last performance review? Most companies have strict wage/salary guidelines and may be simply giving your next raise early or buying time to hire someone in your place.
  6. The same circumstances that now cause you to consider making a change almost always reoccur within the next few months.
  7. Statistics show that if you accept a counter-offer, the probability of voluntarily leaving in 6 months or being let go within 1 year are extremely high.
  8. Once the word gets out, the relationship you now enjoy with co-workers will never be the same. You lose personal satisfaction of the peer group acceptance.
  9. What type of company do you want to work for if you have to threaten to resign before they give you what you are worth?
  10. Accepting counter-offers AFTER already accepting another position burns bridges with other companies, and your recruiter.

3. Please Communicate with us:

  • DO: Notify TMA after every correspondence you have with any employer that we introduced you to, even if it is a year later.
  • DO: notify TMA when any information from your file changes. Examples include but are not limited to address changes, telephone number changes, changes in employment
  • DO: Give out our name and telephone number to any prospective employer or candidate.
  • DO: Visit our web site to see if there are any positions that you or a colleague may be interested in and contact us if you know of a candidate.
  • DO: Send us an email from time to time to let us know how you are doing. We will notify you as soon as an appropriate opportunity becomes available.
  • Don’t: send us reference letters unless we ask. We have a comprehensive reference procedure and will need to speak with your references when we have an interest from our clients.
  • DO: send a list of names, email addresses and phone numbers of three (3) to four (4) professional references and note when and where you worked together.

4. Background Checks: By submitting your resume and/or enrolling in the TMA Database you give permission for TMA to request a complete background report on you including but not limited to Criminal/Civil/Social Security /Motor Vehicle Registration/Drivers License and a credit report. Because we are a highly regulated industry and most all our positions require a Gaming License, we may choose to not do the Background Checks, as our Clients WILL do one. However, from time to time, our clients may request that TMA provide a report prior to them proceeding with an interview.

5. Drug test: By submitting your resume and/or enrolling in the TMA Database, and upon an offer and an acceptance you give permission to our Client to request you to submit to a pre-employment drug test

6. No Guarantee: There is no guarantee that we will send you on an interview. We realize we are only one source for your career advancement. We have thousands of resumes in our database and we work on a limited number of assignments at any given time. We recommend that you maintain employment whenever possible. Those in immediate need of employment should broaden their job search beyond TMA. We have provided a "Job Boards" tab above with thousands of job links to and other job boards. 

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