Client Process
Preparation - Traci McCarty & Associates does extensive research, seeks out qualified candidates, calls and recruits experienced professionals - to find exactly what you are looking for. Traci McCarty & Associates gains knowledge of your organization and the technical requirements for the position. We understand the management style and culture of your operation. We learn the values upon which your operation is based. In most cases we have visited your facilities.

Traci McCarty & Associates works with you to develop competitive market qualifications, job description, job expectations, custom interview questions and compensation that will attract the best candidates. We gain an understanding of the right personality, communication skills and strengths you desire for the position. Our in-depth knowledge of the marketplace, the positions and the industry allows us to know current employment trends and allows you to hire the best candidates and the right compensation. Knowing the details of what you are seeking is crucial to successful placements.

The Search -
Traci McCarty & Associates utilizes current technologies and old fashioned "calling" people to seek out active and passive job seekers. Our knowledge of the industry, your company, your competitors and the marketplace allow Traci McCarty & Associates to develop a successful Search process. Our network of relationships built over the last 30+ years enables us to discreetly target exceptional candidates meeting your requirements. We identify and evaluate leadership, communication, personality, work ethics and values while interviewing skilled and qualified executives for your positions.
Presentation - Traci McCarty & Associates provides you with a detailed summary of the most qualified candidates sourced for your position. Our attention to detail provides an efficient, timely and highly successful match. Only qualified candidates are presented. We review client requirements and culture with candidates, making sure they understand the client organization, its needs, goals, opportunities and challenges. 

Phone Interviews - Traci McCarty & Associates guides the phone interview process and recommends a minimum of one hour per interview. We are able to provide you with and extensive list of questions and rating processes.
Debriefing (Post Phone Interview) -  Traci McCarty & Associates debriefs the candidates after your interview and provide you with written communication of this information including requested compensation and relocation information. This includes a review of questions asked and answers given; interest level of candidate, compensation package request, relocation needs, licensing ability, and more. You then should be able to invite serious candidates to your property for on-property interviews.
Reference Checks - We have a finely tuned and highly successful process for reference checking that assures candidates are truly viable. Through our preparation, follow up, and attention to detail, the search process is well managed and conducive to a successful hire. Our extensive network through which we check references is comprehensive and assures your hires are the finest available. 
On-Property Interviews - Traci McCarty & Associates can assist you in making the travel arrangements… or we will make them for you. All travel costs are pre-approved and borne by the Client. We recommend a minimum of four hours interview time per candidate.  This time might include the formal interview, meeting with possible peers and subordinates and informal meeting time. We suggest candidates’ tour your facility as a guest, prior to the interview. We encourage the candidate to speak frankly and honestly about what they observe as a guest. This gives our Clients an “outsider-look” at your organization and areas for improvements and, most importantly, gives you understanding of who the Candidates are and, what is important to them. We suggest allowing the candidate time to tour surrounding communities for housing availability and to investigate your local competition. We believe you will surface an outstanding candidate from these processes.

Debriefing (Post On-Property Interview) - Again, Traci McCarty & Associates offers a unique and highly successful debrief from the On-Property interview, for your review prior to extending an offer. This includes a review of questions and answers; interest level of candidate, compensation package request and relocation requirements, all based on information from meeting you and your team, seeing your property and, touring your area.

Backgrounding - The gaming industry is a unique industry where all our Executives require current gaming licenses and extensive background investigations. Whether you are hiring for gaming, healthcare, education, or any other industry we encourage you go direct to a back ground investigation company and complete their process.  This is an additional cost and the information provided from the investigation company is given directly to your company.
Offer and Acceptance Traci McCarty & Associates guides you in presenting a reasonable offer that will be accepted. We communicate, in great detail, the expectations of both our clients and candidates. When making a timely and appropriate offer, our process assures an acceptance rate above the industry average. Some Offer standards in the industry you may want to consider are Relocation expenses and Bonus programs based on revenue and training and mentoring programs. Traci McCarty and Associates’ fee is formulated on the starting base salary only.

Successful Hire - Through our preparation, follow up, and attention to detail; the search process is well managed and conducive to a successful hire. After the Candidate has accepted your offer,
Traci McCarty & Associates lead them through the resignation process with their current employer and guide the process through to a successful “start date.”

Licensing – Traci McCarty & Associates monitors the licensing process to help insure a timely and successful process. But more than this… we understand the gaming licensing requirements and only licensable candidates should reach your Offer level of recruitment.

Relocation Support - Once an offer is accepted Traci McCarty & Associates helps the candidate's transition to their new employer. We assist them with relocation planning and spousal employment.

Continued Customer Satisfaction Is Our Commitment - As indicated with our continued commitment to our Clients, Traci McCarty & Associates maintains contact with both parties on a regular basis after “start date” to help insure continued success for both parties. We help you identify 90-day objectives for each candidate and have developed a comprehensive review analysis to insure both the Client and Candidate are successful with the new position. We follow up with a comprehensive Customer Satisfaction Survey and communicate results with both Client and Candidate.

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